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RUNLIN™ 20kV Cold Shrink Cable Indoor / Outdoor Terminations

RUNLIN™ 20kV Cold Shrink Cable Indoor / Outdoor Terminations

RUNLIN™ 20kV Cold Shrink Cable Indoor / Outdoor Terminations suitable for voltage 12/20kV, 18/20kV, 18/30kV.

It mainly divided into the single core, two-core, three-core, four-core, five-cove, which is widely used in the terminals processing and middle connection of low-voltage electric cable. Cold Shrinkable cable accessories adopt the most advanced technology of cold shrinkable, dispense with using fire or others special tools. Only need to draw out the wires, when you prepare for installation, and the elastomer will rapidly shrink and appress to the installation position.

It suit for crosslinking rubber power cable connection, sealing, insulation, electric stress relief, especially suitable for oil refinery, chemical, mining and other flammable and explosive place.

Our tubes use silicone rubber NOT EPDM.


Used widely, high prominent anti-fouling, anti-aging, hydrophobicity and heat-resisting, cold-resisting performance.
Especially suitable for areas of high altitudes, cold, wet, umidity, salt spray and heavy pollution.
Popular for oil field, chemical industry, diggings, tunnel and others various inflammable and explosive locations.
Manufacturing equipment advanced, automaticity high dependable performance.


Offer real advantages over other cable sealing methods:
• Reliable seal against water.
• Tough, resilient rubber holds pressure seal, even after exposure.
• Broad application range; can lower inventory costs.
• Eliminates need for heat source or special tools.
• Reduces installation time for sealing jobs.
• Easily removed for inspections or disconnects.
• Resistant to fungus, ozone, alkalies and acids.
• Constant radial pressure helps connectors stay together in wind and vibration.

20kv outdoor cold shrink tube terminal 150-300

20kv Cold Shrink Outdoor terminations


Cold shrink joint Semi-conductive Tape PVC Tap Rubber gloves
Copper wire mesh PVC Transparent Tape Measuring tape Ribbon gauze
Weave ground wire  Constant force Gloves Paper card
Waterproof tape Sealing gum Clean paper Installation technology
Armoring tape Thermal grease Woundplast Certificate


Voltage Model Applicable Section(mm²)
20kV Cold Shrink Single-core Terminations RL-CT20KV/I/O-1-1 35-70
RL-CT20KV/I/O-1-2 95-185
RL-CT20KV/I/O-1-3 240-400
RL-CT20KV/I/O-1-4 500-800
Voltage Model Applicable Section(mm²)
20kV Cold Shrink Three-core Terminations RL-CT20KV/I/O-3-1 35-70
RL-CT20KV/I/O-3-2 95-185
RL-CT20KV/I/O-3-3 240-400
RL-CT20KV/I/O-3-4 500-800

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