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RUNLIN™ Cold Shrink Connector Sealing Kit RCL 11
RCL 11

RUNLIN™ Cold Shrink Connector Sealing Kit

The RUNLIN™ RCL 11 (similar as 3M Part NO. 98-KC 11 ) provides the correct cold shrink tube to make the installation of coax and low voltage connectors seals easy. The installation does not require tooling, and the quality of the installation is less installer dependent.


RUNLIN™ cold shrink tubes are open ended, silicone rubber, tubular sleeves. The sleeves are factory expanded and assembled on a removable supporting plastic core. Each rubber assembly is supplied for field installation in this pre-stretched condition. As the core is unwound, the insulating sleeve shrinks to form a tight seal.


DIN-716 or 4.3/10 Connection on 1/2″ Coax


Reliable sealing – Easy to remove
Made of silicone rubber for a tighter shrink
UV resistant
Fits easily between tight connections
No foam build-up required prior to installation
Does not require use of butyl or threaded adapter on fully threaded connectors

98-KC 8 130-140-170-44-51 single 920x415
98-KC 8 130-140-170-44-51 with 920x415
cold shrink tubes use on RRU

Physical Characteristics

Characteristic Standard Unit Value (nominal)
Hardness DIN 53 505 Shore A 40
Appearance Black
Specific gravity DIN 53 479 A g/cm³ 1,11
Tensile strength DIN 53 504 S1 N/mm² 10,2
Elongation at break DIN 53 504 S1 % 850
Tear resistance ASTM D 624 B N/mm 25
Rebound resilience DIN 53 512 % 58
Compression set DIN 53 504 S1(22h / 175°C) % 20
Dielectric strength IEC 60250 KV/mm >10
Elongation at break IEC 60093 Ohm cm >1×1014

Performance Test

Feature Benefit
Cold Shrink technology

No (heating) tools needed

Safer and quicker installation

Proven Silicone material Reliable sealing – Easy to remove
Total product line A solution for any application
Tested application Reliable installation
Application temperature From – 20°C to + 50°C
Working temperature 130°C max
External environmental condition UV resistant

Product Selection Guide

Kit Reference 3M Part Number Application Range
RCL 11 98-KC 11 Minimum 13.5 mm Maximum 39.0 mm

Product Dimensions

Cold shrink tubes dimensions

Product Number L [mm]On core L [mm]installed L1 [mm] d [mm] D [mm] Weight gross[kg]
RCL 11 160 +/- 10 170 min 200 +/- 10 43min 50 max 0.07 approx.

Storage Condition

It is recommended to store the RCL 11 kits in a dry climate at a temperature of -40°C up to +50°C

Shelf Life

Shelf life of RUNLIN RCL 11 Coax Connector Sealing Kits is specified with 36 month from date of manufacturing.

Additional Information

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