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RUNLIN™ Cold Shrink Connector Sealing Kit RCL Series
RCL Series

RUNLIN™ Cold Shrink Connector Sealing Kit RCL Series

The RUNLIN™ RCL Series (similar as 3M Part NO. 98-KC Series ) provides the correct cold shrink tube to make the installation of coax and low voltage connectors seals easy. The installation does not require tooling, and the quality of the installation is less installer dependent.


RUNLIN™ cold shrink tubes are open ended, silicone rubber, tubular sleeves. The sleeves are factory expanded and assembled on a removable supporting plastic core. Each rubber assembly is supplied for field installation in this pre-stretched condition. As the core is unwound, the insulating sleeve shrinks to form a tight seal.


The main application is the sealing of coax connectors used in the wireless communication antenna market. These mainly outside installed connectors require an extra sealing. Up until now, sealing tapes or Heat Shrink tubes were used.


Reliable sealing – Easy to remove
Made of silicone rubber for a tighter shrink
UV resistant
Fits easily between tight connections
No foam build-up required prior to installation
Does not require use of butyl or threaded adapter on fully threaded connectors

98-KC 8 130-140-170-44-51 single 920x415
98-KC 8 130-140-170-44-51 with 920x415
cold shrink tubes use on RRU

Technical Information

The outer Cold Shrink tube is made from UV resistant Silicone rubber material to provide an excellent seal on the connector. In cases where the different coax cable diameter can not be covered with the tube application range, a special foam is used to increase the smallest cable diameter to fit the shrink performance of the Cold Shrink tube.

The kits passed the .5 bares water pressure sealing test and met IEC 529 IP 68.

RUNLIN Silicone Rubber Cold Shrink Tubes 3M Cross Reference

Kit Reference 3M Part Number Cables to connect Diameter Range
RCL 11 98-KC 11 ½” termination or ½” to ½” splice 13.5mm-39mm
RCL 21 98-KC 21 ½” to 7/8” splice 5/8” to 7/8” splice 13.5mm-49.3mm
RCL 31 98-KC 31 ½” to 1 1/4” or 1 5/8” splice
5/8” to 1 1/4” or 1 5/8” splice

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Details of RCL 8

Key Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Cold Shrink technology No (heating) tools needed
Safer and quicker installation
Proven Silicone Rubber Material Reliable sealing
Easy to remove
Total product line A solution for any application
Tested application Reliable installation

Additional Information

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