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RUNLIN™ Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Connector Insulators R440 Series

Cold Shrink Silicone tubes R440 series banner
R440 Series

RUNLIN™ Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Connector Insulators R440 Series

The RUNLIN™ R440 Series (similar as 3M Part NO. 8440 Series ) Cold Shrink Connector Insulators R440 Series are open-ended, silicone rubber, tubular sleeves. The sleeves are factory expanded and assembled on a removable supporting plastic core. Each rubber assembly is supplied for field installation in this pre-stretched condition. As the core is unwound, the insulating sleeve shrinks to form a tight seal. Three sizes of Cold Shrink Insulators cover terminal lug barrels and inline connectors. Collectively, the insulators have an application range of 0.35″ (8,86 mm) to 0.95″ (24,13 mm) for installations on #6 AWG to 3/0 AWG.


 Primary electrical insulation for all solid dielectric (rubber and plastic) insulated wire and cable splices rated to 1000 volts
 Electrical Aircraft cables
 For indoor and outdoor use, in cable tray or overhead applications
 Top moisture sealing for medium voltage, air insulated connectors and lugs
 Insulation of secondary splices, copper and aluminum conductors
 Sheath repairs
 Insulation of inline conductor transition connectors


 Simple installation requires only workman’s hands
 No tools required
 No heat required for installation
 Seals tight, retains its resiliency and pressure even after prolonged years of aging and exposure
 Resists moisture
 Wide range, size accommodation
 Resists acids and alkalies
 Resists ozone and ultraviolet light
 Resists fluid splashes
 Resists fire – will not support flame
 Operating temperature range -66ºF to 500ºF ( -55ºC to 260ºC)

R440 series 2
R440 series 2 6.5
R440 series 1

Technical Information

Not for specifications. Values are typical, not to be considered minimum or maximum. Properties measured at room temperature 73°F (23°C) unless otherwise stated.

Typical Physical Properties

Physical Property (Test Method) Typical Value US unit (metric)
Color Grey or Black
100% Modulus 1.24MPa
Ultimate Tensile 8.55MPa
Die B Tear 1.28MPa
Hardness 48 Shore A
Specific Gravity 1.23
Cold shrink tube R440 series dimensions

RUNLIN Silicone Rubber Cold Shrink Tubes 3M Cross Reference

Part Number 3M Part Number Cable Range Application Range
Inches (mm)
Inches (mm)
AWG Min. Dia. for Seal Max. Dia.
Insulator Covers
[A] Length [B] Core I.D.
R443-2 8443-2  6-2  0.30(7.6)  0.560(14.22) 1.4(36)  0.68(17.3)
R443-6.5 8443-6.5 5.2(132)
R445-2.5 8445-2.5  2 – 1/0  0.37(9.4) 0.720(18.29) 1.7(43)  0.84(21.3)
R445-7.5 8445-7.5 6.2(158)
R447-3.2 8447-3.2 1/0 – 3/0  0.49(12.4) 0.950(24.13) 2.3(57) 1.07(27.2)
R447-8 8447-8 6.8(172)

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